My Vision

A good design is based on the functionality over form, being function that configures form. My projects on the basis of this premise, present a minimalist character and their design seeks to achieve the simplicity.

My work searches to enhance our sense of environment, its identity and relationship as many with ourselves as the physical spaces we inhabit, whether natural or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2011 Anuaria Awards (second prize)
  • 2011 Bianuario ADCV Awards (selected)


Product Design | Furniture

The Nordic family is versatile and functional, it aims to offer a current solution to both space problems and new life habits, bringing together different tasks and offering possibilities. It is a dynamic piece of furniture that allows you to organise and live the space, it leaves its secondary role to become a leading piece.

It is a clear, simple and functional piece of furniture, based on a good design, with a minimalist trend. Although it is characterised by straight lines and pure shapes, formally these give off lightness and at the same time are very expressive, with a certain air of Scandinavian or Japanese Design.

The collection is made up of a rectangular coffee table, a square coffee table, a lift-up side table and an audiovisual unit. Nordic system allows you to design furniture that integrates perfectly with your interior needs. The composition of the different elements allows a large number of combinations.

The aim of the collection is to bring warmth, color and personality to the living room of our homes. They are furniture with a strong identity, they are based on both conceptual and functional innovation, this own character makes them unique objects. All this without neglecting the plastic value of the pieces. They present a significant emotional charge and seek to arouse sensations in users, never leaving them indifferent, either because of their excellent workmanship or because of their strong personality.

The series is based on the proportions of the Modulor, a system developed by Le Corbusier, which is also related to the Fibonacci series. The proportions are a deliberate attempt to replace the rigidity of symmetry with an asymmetrical arrangement that is pleasing and balanced to our eyes.

  • Family:

    Home furniture and modular storage system

  • Type:

    Coffee tables, lift-up side table and AV cabinet

  • Date: