My Vision

A good design is based on the functionality over form, being function that configures form. My projects on the basis of this premise, present a minimalist character and their design seeks to achieve the simplicity.

My work searches to enhance our sense of environment, its identity and relationship as many with ourselves as the physical spaces we inhabit, whether natural or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2011 Anuaria Awards (second prize)
  • 2011 Bianuario ADCV Awards (selected)

la Picaeta

Product Design | Furniture

The proposal is based on an identifying object of Valencian culture such as paella, a gastronomic symbol, from it arises an auxiliary low table for recreational spaces such as our terraces.

The paella is lacquered in white and is supported by three conical beech wood legs, and the service top is completed with a satin methacrylate, thanks to its handles it allows to be easily grasped and transported wherever we want.

Finally, it is accompanied by coasters with Valencian motifs, references of our culture such as the recipe or the ingredients of the paella, to give a graphic image to the service plan.

The product was presented at the collective exhibition “Valencianas” during the Valencia Design Week.

  • Family:

    Contract and home furniture

  • Type:

    Auxiliary low table

  • Date:


  • Exhibition:

    2010 "Valencianas"