My Vision

A good design is based on the functionality over form, being function that configures form. My projects on the basis of this premise, present a minimalist character and their design seeks to achieve the simplicity.

My work searches to enhance our sense of environment, its identity and relationship as many with ourselves as the physical spaces we inhabit, whether natural or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2011 Anuaria Awards (second prize)
  • 2011 Bianuario ADCV Awards (selected)

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Architecture & Social Responsibility

Designing for the User, Community and Environment

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Solutions & Services

Project Development and Management from A to Z


Deep experience in Design, Planning and Execution of buildings. Service SIA 102 Phases 1 to 6 right up to end-to-end construction project management.


Deep experience in Graphic, Interior and Product Design. Project development and client accompaniment from concept design to end-to-end product delivery.

Innovation | Sustainability

Advisory, Consulting and Management of building certifications and construction systems in circular economy, energy efficiency, health and sustainability terms.

BIM Management

Advisory and Consulting in BIM and Integrated Design. Management and Implementation of BIM Digital Strategy and Planning, IT-Infrastructure and IT-Support. Essay and development of BEP / EIR deliverables and PIM / AIM models.

Construction 4.0 | LEAN

Application of Construction 4.0 Technologies (new materials, robotics, IoT, big data, cloud computing, AR and VR, simulation, cyber security, 3D printing) and Lean Concepts for minimise wastes and produce cost, effort and schedule savings.

Project Management

Advisory and Consulting in Project Management and Agile Methodology. Development of Project Integration and Project Management Plan (scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources, communications, risks, procurement, stakeholders).


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