My Vision

A good design is based on the functionality over form, being function that configures form. My projects on the basis of this premise, present a minimalist character and their design seeks to achieve the simplicity.

My work searches to enhance our sense of environment, its identity and relationship as many with ourselves as the physical spaces we inhabit, whether natural or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2011 Anuaria Awards (second prize)
  • 2011 Bianuario ADCV Awards (selected)

Madurez BIM

La National Building Specification (NBS) de Reino Unido definió el concepto de los niveles BIM que permite identificar el grado de madurez de…

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Dimensiones BIM

Las dimensiones BIM se relacionan y extienden a lo largo de todas las fases del ciclo de vida de una edificación, desde la…

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